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Nike Training Club

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Nike Running Club

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Upload. Share. Rank. Social media application for ranking and finding the next viral content. Developed for Ranked Media.

Healthcare at your fingertips. Flagship application that allows patient access to their personal health records. Developed for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.

iOS FHIR Template

Open-source template for an iOS application that leverages OAuth2.0 and the HL7 FHIR standard to access multiple EMR systems. Sponsored by Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.


Subscription-based video-streaming service that produces and distributes dance tutorial. Developed for Steezy.

Time and Motion

Nursing engagement survey based on ResearchKit and REDCap designed to analyze the amount of time spent with patients. Developed internally for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.


IRB-approved research study on gastrointestinal health over a two-week period. Leveraged internally designed REDCap and ResearchKit integration framework. Developed for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.

Gender Identity

Pilot application demonstrating REDCap and ResearchKit integration. Developed internally for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.


Designed, built, and raced an autonomous RC car on tracks marked by 1”-wide white tape.

Systems Design: Wireless Health

Research for wearable electronics that provides continuous and episodic ground truth on patient states outside of a clinical setting. Evolved algorithm for the reconstruction and classification of 3D motions.